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How does it actually work?

Sandiapp does two things, it receives technical notifications from your AWS SES account and let you explore it and prevent bounce & complaints. It let you edit and design your transactionals emails at any time right in your browser and send your emails trought our api.

Reduce your bounce and complaints rates

By exploring your sending statistics to detect boucing emails or complainings user you'll be able to stop sending email to their account and get a better sending rate. And so to reduce your the number of emails you sent each day.

Nicer emails, easyer to edit

Create your transactionals email templates in your browser and edit them every time you need. Or give an access to your clients so they can manage their emails'content while you focus on the tech.

Complete control over your emails

Sandiapp gives you full analytics about your emails. Who reads? Who opens? Which emails are invalid?
It also helps you design better transactional emails with an easy to use built-in editor.

Manage bounce & complaints

Spacial is the perfect solution for web developers and designers. You can get an awesome website for your best projects and clients.

Know your recipients

Pick the pages that describe your business the best and improve your users experience. Track your progress and learn along the way.

Collaborate with your clients

Use new components that come included, as shown in the theme docs you don't need to write any code to get a website up and running.

Use our API

Spacial is designed to make showing off your best projects extremely fast and simple. There are many ways to configure, just go to the source.

Detailled graphs about received and bounced mails.

Manage all sent emails

Sandiapp helps you monitor your mails sent with Amazon SES. See delivered mails, bounce & complaints. Use our API to check email address before sending your email.

You can also use extra features to get a deeper look to your emails. Track opened mails, clicked links. Create campagins to see which emails are more sent and opened. Search into your sent mails by, date, recipients, campaigns, statuses...

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Send better transactional emails

Create and edit your transactional emails right into your browser.

Online email editor

Really easy to use template editor

HTML email templates are complicated to create and maintain. Sandiapp has a built-in and easy to use template editor.

Are you an agency? Give access to transactional emails to your client so they can edit emails' text and design by themselves.

Templates created with our editor can use variables, so you can include customs links, codes or any variable text you need.

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