Create and manage nice newsletters

Thanks to our powerfull editor you can edit and manage your newsletters easely.

Online newsletter editor

1# Create your newsletter

Write a perfect newsletter in our online editor.
It is really easy to use, you can add images, edit your texts, add variables texts and links.

Manage your contacts

2# Select who will receive your newsletters

Edit contacts'lists

Create and manage contacts'list, add email from your customers, csv files, or from your social networks'contacts.

#3 Planify your newsletter

Your newsletter is ready? Contacts are selected ? You just have a few option to set before sending it.

A simple couple of options to be ready

Set your sending email address, the date & time when the newsletter must be sent, and... here you are, you can send your newsletter !

You can also be more specific: add reply-to address, select an already existing campaign

That's it, your newsletter will be sent at the time you choose, using your Amazon SES account, and you'll be able to track bounces, complaints, opened mails, clicked links as always with Sandiapp.

Nice and responsive newsletter

Your clients will be able to read your newsletter on any device at any time!

Share access and stats with your marketing service

Newsletter's redactor is not the same personn as the marketing one? No matter, juste create multiple users.

Work with our API.

You can manage your contacts'lists with our API. You can edit your template in Sandiapp and send it from your service with your emails when ready thanks to our API.

Our solution.

Why using an online editor for your newsletters?

Everyone should read it.
Nowadays your clients use multiple devices to access and read their emails. With our editor, your newsleters are responsive and everybody can read them.

Easely to manage contacts'lits.
Already using Sandiapp to track your bounces? To send transactional emails? You can create emails'list from your contacts without having to import them.

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