Manage and explore your sent emails

Everything you need to send better emails and explore your datas

Bird's eye view

Powerful dashboard that lets you supervize, explore and control your emails.

Spacial has both a web app and an android app to make your website easy and always available. It offers you all the designs in collaboration with some smart people. Your projects will look great everywhere you go. Use new components that come included. It works in all browsers and your clients can pay instantly, to improve their experience.

Deep search in your emails

Search into all your sent emails, using our advanced filters: recipients, senders, campaigns, subject, statuses and more...

Detailled information

Explore your sent emails by type: newsletters, transactionals, contact forms.

Create campaigns

Get a precise ideo of which emails hit their recipients, which one are received, opened and clicked; not for all of your emails but by campaigns.

Create as many campaigns as you need and explore your data with precision.

Who opens & clicks your emails

When you send an email using our simple REST API we'll be able to know who has opened and clicked your emails.

Create and use campaings

When using our API, you just ahve to specify a campaign ID and you'll be able to explore datas for this specific campaign.

Design beautiful templates

Simply create a nice design with our editor and send your transactional emails via our API. You can add variables to your emails.

Connect your website to our service

Use our API to send your emails trough AWS SES and get even more

Using our API you'll be able to know who opens your emails, who clicks your links, to uses campaigns and to design better emails with our templates.

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